Petrol and diesel prices without brakes: save on car insurance

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Petrol and diesel prices without brakes: save on car insurance


The constant and daily spike in gasoline and diesel prices is not only due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, but to real speculation. According to the president of the energies for mobility union, Claudio Spinach, there should be no more excessive increases because ‘only 10% of oil imported from Italy is of Russian origin‘. The good thing is that ‘the speculative part is reduced‘. In this article we will provide the update on petrol and gas prices to date and some tips on how save with insurance.

Gasoline and diesel prices – updated today March 3, 2022

Here is a graph on the price of gasoline, diesel, methane, LPG and LNG, updated today March 3, 2022.
Gas. Self-service at 1,882 euros (medium-sized companies 1,889, pumps without logo 1,868). Served for 2,008 euros (medium enterprises 2,053, pumps without logo 1,922).
Diesel. Self-service at 1,758 euros (medium-sized companies 1,761, pumps without logo 1,749). Served at 1,889 euros (medium-sized companies 1,933, pumps without logo 1,803).
LPG. Served at €0.821 (average for companies €0.828, pumps without logo €0.813).
Methane. Served at 1,795 euros (medium companies 1,825, no logo 1,772).
LNG. Served at 2,155 euros (medium-sized companies 2,155 euros, without logo 2,155 euros).

How to cope with rising petrol and diesel prices: how to save on insurance

The increase in expenses due to the increase in the price of gasoline and fuel in general is likely to put families in difficulty, in particular in connection with the increase in the cost of bills and basic necessities. Well, one of the ways to save on car use is to try to spend as little as possible on Assurance. Here are 4 simple and useful tips.
Activate it Black Box. Many insurance policies have particularly affordable rates if you agree to install a black box on your car.

The insurance can thus save on accidents and claims, and the user can save on costs.
Think about online insurance. As with other services, these are companies that do not have offices in the region. In this way, saving on human resources, they can offer very advantageous policies. The advice is to first seek reviews online and carefully analyze the services offered.
Assess different options. If your current insurance is too expensive, do not renew it out of laziness. You may not need everything it offers you. To save money, look not only at the final cost, but also at the ceiling.
Cancel unnecessary services. There are often hidden costs in insurance costs. Evaluate carefully and ask what services it offers. For example, the Kasko policy also covers damages received and not only those caused to third parties. Are you sure it’s necessary? If you drive carefully and the car is still in the garage and has little value anyway, it may be useless. Eliminating services allows you to save on the policy.
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