Limit your appointments to 10 minutes: “Save time” [+VIDEO]

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Limit your appointments to 10 minutes: “Save time” [+VIDEO]


A very quick meeting to avoid getting lost in chatter

  • Emily decided to cut it all off with overlong dates
  • He therefore chose to limit them to a maximum of 10 minutes.
  • It would save time and money
  • According to her, in fact, it takes very little to understand if the person could be the right one.
  • If so, it would only increase the desire to meet again

A woman confessed to having made a very bizarre choice: she started a limit your appointments to a maximum of 10 minutes. That way, he says, keeps him from overthinking. He does them too save time and money with people she’s sure she’ll never see again. And so, instead of going home”exhausted“After Situations Emily Vernem Found”emotionally draining“, He decided to favor short meetings. In your opinion it would take a few minutes to understand if the one you have in front of you is “the right one” and with him, it may or may not work.

Then one day he put his choice into practice and never stopped. In fact, he texted the guys he had scheduled a date with and let it be known that he was in their area that afternoon. At that point he asked if they were free for a quick coffee. Speaking of the first date, Emily recalls: “We met in a cafe and immediately something clicked. The conversation was effortless and I was very attracted to himHowever, as expected, she left soon after, although she admitted that she wished she had stayed longer.

The first date did not go as expected

The result? She was even more eager to meet again for the actual date. However, things didn’t go so well as those 10 minutes clarified the thoughts to the other boy and not in the way he had hoped. “He texted me that night and let me know that he had a lot of fun meeting me, but that he didn’t think we were compatibleToo bad, but too bad because at least she hadn’t wasted any more time with him.

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Emily then moved on to second boy in the “list” and with him, she also agreed to meet in a cafe. “I immediately hated. Not only did I disagree with him, but I hated this man to death. Fortunately, the benefits of pre-appointment screening have been proven. After 10 minutes of chatting and talking like a man, I said, ‘Sorry, I have other errands to do‘and I finally left“. Are you also going to test this method?

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