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Learning to save: books to read


You have finally decided to start save your money but you don’t know where to start?

Although the art of saving is a rather complicated discipline, which can only be learned over time and with a lot of practice, saving becomes simple if you combine study, commitment and the correct method.

The first step to start saving is to find an achievable goal that makes you aware of the decision: in this sense, it is essential to understand the goal and develop a precise strategy.

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of finding solutions that can protect family well-being even in the event of unforeseen events. It is why I products and insuranceeven more recommended than savings plans to keep the standard of living unchanged when imponderable factors arise.

To learn how to save, it can be useful to read books on the subject, which describe methods and tools to manage your money well.

here is 5 recommended readings for anyone who wants to start putting something aside for the future.

Money makes happiness. Change your life and financial situation forever with Financial Freedom

The author of this book is Alfio Bardolla, one of the best Italian financial coaches who has collected, in these pages, many useful tips on investments, on methods to improve your approach to money and on how to reset all erroneous beliefs about management. money and the way of looking at investments.

According to the author, in fact, anyone can successfully live on an income: the important thing is to have a correct psychology of money and to learn the best investment techniques.

Savings: The complete collection for personal finance

Francesco Fiorentini offers the beauty of two books belonging to the same box. It’s about Domestical economy And Personal finance. A combination of Home Economics and Business Economics, in which these two macro categories are compared – albeit with limitations – to address issues such as income and consumption.

Fiorentini explains how it is possible to achieve financial well-being, the important thing is to learn the strategies to optimize savings and invest them for the long term.

The Art of Saving: How to Save Money Without Giving Up

The book “The art of saving: how to save without giving up” reports the savings methodology of the author, Fabio Romano, based on his experience and studies. In the text, Romano recounts how, from an early age, his parents taught him a spend your money rationally and methodically. He then explains the mental approach that helped him even as an adult in managing money.

Registration is easy (if you know how)

A book which represents in all respects a five-step savings education course, with a radio language like that of the authors and hosts of Due di Denari from Radio24, Debora Rosciani and Mauro Meazza. In this text, topics such as the management of personal savings and investments are discussed.

Kakebo. The household account book. The Japanese way to learn to save

According to the book kakebhowever, the secret to optimal management of one’s economic resources is to keep track of all income and expenses. It is a real “home account book” based on Japanese methodology that aims to help people identify and solve problems related to family income and expenses.

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