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investing is better than waiting


Savings plans, stocks, ETFs or cryptocurrencies? The choice is in your hands, just a click away, and it is the path that can lead new generations into a more independent future. In a country where the social pact has collapsed under the blows of a falling birth rate and an ever-growing average age, it is indeed impossible to imagine a social security system capable of guaranteeing a future for millions of retirees on their less and less busy shoulders. commercial republic has thought of exactly this type of context by developing a solution which now aims to extend to all of Europe.

Co-founder and CEO Christian Hecker’s plan is to bring his clients a return on capital that can be added to normal income from work. It all started in Germany, then landed in France and Austria, but now it’s also opening up to Italy and other countries: Trade Republic, backed by a financing round worth 900 million euros with a valuation of more than 5 billionis one of the vanguards of fintech in this field and has important ambitions specifically for the Italian territory.

Trade Republic: savings plans, stocks, ETFs and cryptocurrencies

Italy is a democratic republic based on labor“(article 1), but it is also true that”The Republic encourages and protects savings in all its forms“(Article 47). Trade Republic focuses on this second front allowing anyone to invest and avoid passively owning a small savings with no income. To use the service, simply register for the service and invest even minimal sums, obtaining cryptocurrency prizes worth up to €200.

The advantage of investing in Trade Republic is that an otherwise sterile and unused portfolio of value is generated, but all of this can be done at the minimal costs available in the market:

With Trade Republic, you invest in stocks and ETFs in an independently monitored public market. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we offer you prices that are on average cheaper than the XETRA reference market. This way you save every time you invest.

commercial republic

The recipe chosen by the group is that of simplicity. If the service is to be aimed at the small consumer, in fact, the fundamental particularities to be fulfilled are clear:

  • at low price
  • speed
  • simplicity
  • security

The pandemic has generated a paradox: Italian savings have increased sharply, but are “dormant” in current accounts in which inflation is eroding its value. Leaving money uninvested is a choice in itself, but it is not a choice without risk: in a period of high inflation, you have to move to not see your portfolio erode without the possibility of reaction.

Over the past five years, we have created a solid and efficient digital investment platform, based on the most advanced technologies and, therefore, with low operating costs. Our business partners support us and this allows us to offer you a commission-free service. You only pay €1 in external costs.

Trade Republic wants to offer this possibility to everyone, with lower than average costs and a wide and understandable range of options. Once your account is open, you can choose how to invest, when to invest and how to diversify so that you always have a solid and balanced approach to your capital. The figure does not matter, since it is a subjective parameter: what counts is the awareness of the investment, the ease of arriving at a choice and the control of one’s portfolio as it is rarely possible to to have some.

commercial republic

Anyone who signs up immediately receives a free gift, a first free investment that becomes a welcome on board. From this moment, it will be possible to allocate small amounts to allocate to the desired investments, the evolution of which it will be possible to follow directly to understand instantly the evolution of its capital.

The convenience of the service lies in its simplicity and low operating costs. The gain, on the other hand, lies in the ability to choose the right investment and therefore depends on everyone’s ability to understand in which direction the market can go in order to better orient their choices. Opting for an intelligent service like Trade Republic means embarking with peace of mind to have all the information available to keep the helm well in hand.

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