How to save on gas, electricity and groceries: here are 5 anti-waste apps

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How to save on gas, electricity and groceries: here are 5 anti-waste apps


In a period of price increases like the one we are experiencing, it is important to try to find out about the savings opportunities that we have at hand. A few days ago we brought you an article with proposals to save fuel and try to fight – in some way – against expensive gasoline.

And, like a chain, the prices of foodstuffs and major consumer goods are gradually rising, as well as foodstuffs electricity and gas bills (click here to understand how to apply for the electricity and gas social bonus).

Our way, as a search of the site suggests gqitaliawe have small solutions on hand, even smartphones: free downloadable applications, helping us to keep an eye on our consumption.

The first is Switchan app that it helps to manage the “fixed” expenses of electricity, gas, internet, car insurance and telephony: with more than 6 million euros in electricity and gas savings proposals sent to its users, Switcho has now become a must for those who want to control the exits from their portfolio and assess how to save.

By scanning and uploading your invoice to the app, the app offers new savings opportunities that can be activated with a click (or, better, a tap on the screen): a dedicated team will take care of managing the part bureaucratic change of manager, then from savings.

Then there is Tado┬░ energy cockpit, which instead helps users reduce their daily consumption, which then translates into savings on the bill. With a smart meter, the application allows you to view the precise consumption and costs of heating and energy, by carefully reading a bill; with a smart thermostat, on the other hand, it will be possible to set a budget and, through the app, you can intervene in the regulation of the temperatures in the house, obtaining a good compromise between expenditure and comfort.

For everyday shopping, however, there are Phoenix: an application that compare prices of products in supermarkets near you, highlighting the best deals in the area. In addition, Phenix indicates products that are about to expire, have packaging defects or have been purchased in excess at the supermarket.

For a last-minute meal, on the other hand, you can resort to Too good to leave: through the app you can search “Magic box” on sale in bars and restaurants, which fill boxes with unsold products during the day or about to expire. Often, in supermarkets or grocery stores, you can get vegetables or fruits to eat quickly, or packaged goods that expire, but also baked goods and much more. All with prices ranging from around 2 to 6 euros.

Finally there is the website Best before, where you can read a list of expiring products to buy online: you will receive your purchases within 48 hours directly at home. In the store you can choose the category or the expiry date, setting it to 14, 10 or 7 days and save.

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