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How to save on fuel – idealista / news


the expensive gasoline (And diesel) shows no signs of stopping, so much so that the full tank for Italian motorists is a distant memory. Because of this Adiconsum provided a Decalogue to understand how to save fuellet’s find out together.

How to save fuel? First of all, the solution is not unique and is not the same for everyone. It is a question of combining precautions and good practices to avoid increasing consumption and, consequently, also the running costs of the car. If you want to understand how to save on gas, here’s how:

Use the car only when necessary

The first step for save fuel is to limit the use of the car only when it is really necessary, perhaps for long journeys outside the city. In addition to one sustainable choice for the environment, will also have a positive impact on the portfolio. There is no shortage of alternatives these days, from public transport to shared electric mobility.

Pay attention to prices and choose self-service

For save gasthe advice to always keep in mind is to check prices first and source from the cheapest distributor, obviously with the self service. To find the cheapest distributor, it is also possible to consult the App launched by Adiconsum, “PriceBenzina”, updated daily by the users themselves.

drive slowly

Obviously, for save gas must also reduce consumption. So, when you cannot avoid using the car, you should take certain precautions that help in reducing fuel consumption. To do this, sharp accelerations should be avoided, moreover, observing the limits and maintaining a constant pace, the engine will need less fuel.

Do not let the engine run when stopped

For save fuel it is also necessary to avoid unnecessary consumption, it is therefore necessary to avoid the engine when the vehicle is stationary and to switch it off in the event of a stoppage of more than 2 minutes.

Shift at the right time

For optimize consumption and so save gasit is also important to change gears at the right time, so as not to increase the engine speed too much and therefore consume fuel unnecessarily.

Check tire pressure

Another aspect to watch out for if you want save gas, that’s about the tires. It is important check tire pressurebecause if they are too flat, they require more effort (because they have a braking effect) and therefore “burn” more gasoline.

Perform the interview

For save fuel It is also necessary to perform proper maintenance of car components, especially the engine, frequently checking the condition of the oil to avoid mechanical problems and excessive consumption.

Only open windows when needed

Few people know to what other key save gas is the one from keep the windows closed when the car is in motion. The passage of air in the passenger compartment has a braking effect and makes it necessary to consume more fuel.

Use the air conditioner correctly

Even the air conditioner helps to increase the fuel consumption (and not a little), for save fuel it is therefore essential to reduce the use of air conditioning while driving.

Avoid unnecessary charges

Obviously, the heavier a car is, the more fuel consumption. For save fuel you must avoid unnecessarily loading the vehicle.

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