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How to save in business: Poggipollini’s anti-crisis recipe – Economy


Imola, March 13, 2022 – “An example? the electricity and gas bills in December 2020, it was 2,600 euros. That of 2021, which has just arrived, is 6,000″. More than doubled. Tiziano Poggipollini, owner of the company Omgb which deals with the transformation of iron, is very worried. Not only from invoices, but also from rising commodity prices.

“The problem is big _ begins the president of Confartigianato Bologna Metropolitana – We work on behalf of third parties, we supply machined parts which will then be assembled, or finished parts to be assembled, also for the agro-food and pharmaceutical sectors. We are witnessing increases in the costs of raw materials, part processing and transport”.

How many are you in the business?


And how are you trying to deal with this wave of price increases?

“For electricity, we try to work using the hours of light, which means that we have reorganized the schedules. For heating, we have lowered one degree in the factory, to 18°. And then we no longer does overtime.”


“For a cost problem”

How do you stay there?

“Where possible, we shift the costs to who receives the parts. The competitors? They are in the same situation as us. We try to save money everywhere: where we had neon lights, we put LEDs, they consume half”.

Raw materials…

“Aluminum cost 3.5 euros per kilo in March 2021”.

And now?

“Almost 10 euros. It comes mainly from Eastern countries… Iron? It has doubled in the space of a year: from 80 cents per kilo it has gone to 1.60-1.80 euros “.

What do you think of these increases?

“The war in Ukraine has weighed heavily lately, but for me there is speculation: the price for Saturday is not the price for the following Monday.”

What are your fears?

“I am very worried; the costs will all pass to the end user. Look at transport: truckers are right to protest against the stratospheric prices of diesel or LNG. We have a van, fueled with methane: until September 2021, the full cost € 12.4 Now we are at 35 “.

Have you thought about alternative energies?

“Our plant keeps 80 kwh ‘busy’. For sun exposure, 5-6 years ago we were told it was impractical to install photovoltaic panels. We could get 25-30 kwh. We haven’t done that, but now we are rethinking. There are new technologies.”

What do you think of the national energy policy?

“The cost increases do not only depend on the war in Ukraine. We could have thought of it earlier: for years we have been hearing talk of energy self-sufficiency. Sea, sun, wind: there has been a bad choice of from those who govern. I see fields of photovoltaic panels, yet there are complaints that there is no grain… I hope this war will not last long. I am appalled, the images that scroll on TV are aberrant. My mother, who is 92 years old, saw the effects of the bombings in Ukraine, and she started to cry. She was moved to Castel del Rio during the war, and she remembers well these moments.

And now?

“It is difficult to sketch out a savings strategy, because the cards on the table change every day, with too sudden increases. Do you know what my fear is? That we will end up in a recession. But I hope that it will not happen” .

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