How to reduce your electricity and gas consumption: some tips to maximize savings

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How to reduce your electricity and gas consumption: some tips to maximize savings


CREMONA – With the costs of electricity and natural gas constantly increasing, it becomes necessary evaluate all the options available to lighten your bills avoid waste and optimize the use of energy. In fact, a few tips are enough to reduce your bills: established the list of best helpful tips rationalize the consumption of electricity and gas.

Electricity and gas bills are getting higher

Behind this trend are the strong increases recorded in electricity and gas prices for end customers already in the second half of 2021. In addition, since the beginning of 2022, the prices of energy raw materials have reached record values causing a further blow to household and business bills. Government interventions only mitigated the increases. There are two ways to defend against the crisis in the energy sector. The first is to reduce the cost of energy choose the best electricity and gas offers on the Free Market. The second, on the other hand, passes for a drop in consumption. This path can be followed by all families who have the opportunity to optimize their electricity and gas consumption. has identified some simple tips to put into practice to minimize electricity and gas consumption, eliminating waste and without making sacrifices.

Italian users are reducing their consumption to reduce their bills

The choice to reduce consumption as a tool of defense against the crisis in the energy market and against the increase in the cost of electricity and gas is already been implemented by many Italian families. According to data collected by the Observatory in February 2022, there has been on average a slight decrease in the consumption of electricity and gas by Italian families compared to October 2021, when the topic of increasing the bill began to become topical. The fall is slight (-1% for electricity and -4% for natural gas) but represents a confirmation of a trend that pushes Italian consumers to reduce their consumption and careful use of energy.

Save money by reducing consumption: small daily precautions are enough

Reducing electricity and gas consumption should not be achieved simply by giving up using the energy necessary for daily life. With a series of little tricks, in fact, it is possible to optimize the use of appliances and heating systems and, with a view to next summer, domestic cooling to reduce waste and, therefore, electricity and gas consumption. Simple daily gestures and a little attention are enough to lighten the bill without making sacrifices and sacrifices.

  1. The importance of energy efficiency. The first element to consider is energy efficiency. This is a central parameter to achieve the objective of correct and optimized use of energy. Choosing high-efficiency solutions is key to avoiding waste and achieving the same results while consuming less energy. Focusing on efficiency means reducing consumption for the same use. When buying a new device, for example, the first element to analyze is its “Energy efficiency class”, indicated on the label that the manufacturer must affix to his device. This label indicates the energy class which represents an accurate indication of the appliance’s efficiency. Data are also provided on the annual energy consumption for average use, which may represent a parameter to be considered in the assessment of the impact on the bill.
  2. Do not underestimate the consumption related to lighting. The choice of energy efficiency is also essential for the lighting system. By focusing on LED solutions, it is possible to reduce consumption up to 5 times compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition, LED bulbs have a longer life cycle than other less efficient solutions. In addition to consumption, maintenance costs and times are therefore reduced. Avoiding leaving lights on unnecessarily is always valid advice for maintaining correct behavior aimed at containing waste.
  3. Waiting also affects invoices. Another detail to pay attention to in order to reduce consumption and, above all, waste, is represented by standby function of home appliances. Leaving a device on standby for hours or days, without using it, can involve low electricity consumption which, repeated constantly over time and multiplied by the number of devices on standby, can have a significant impact on the invoice. In a period where the cost of energy is exploding, the risk is to end up spending tens of euros more at the end of the year due to the consumption recorded by their devices on standby. On average, a device in standby consumes about 50 kWh per year (with higher values ​​for devices like TV or stereo and much lower values ​​for charger or cordless phone).
  4. How to reduce the weight of heating on your gas bill for next winter. Even though the coldest months of the year are behind us, the issue of heating is still relevant and, with a view to the future, represents an important aspect in terms of saving and reducing consumption. Using heating with care is a necessary aspect to reduce consumption. A few tips are enough to save money without having to give up heating the house. Reducing the “target temperature” to be reached at home by one degree makes it possible to savings between 5% and 7% on annual gas consumption related to heating. Indeed, during the winter, it is not necessary to exceed a temperature of 16-20°C at home. Beyond this threshold, consumption will grow exponentially. So what, It is important to always carry out maintenance work on the system (boiler and radiators) to maintain high efficiency and prevent heat dispersion to the outside. By relying on a thermostat with timer, it is possible to better manage the on and off times and adjust the heating to maximize efficiency and optimize consumption. Installing thermostatic valves it will be possible to regulate the heat of individual radiators, thus reducing the temperature (and gas consumption) in the rooms of the house that are not used.
  5. Summer is coming: measures to reduce the impact of the air conditioner on the bill. Given the summer (a period that will likely be characterized by a the cost of electricity at an all-time high), it becomes essential to use cooling systems in the right way. To reduce the consumption of the air conditioner it is necessary set the right temperature. It is important not to overdo it. The temperature difference between inside and outside should not exceed 8-10°C. Electricity consumption, beyond this difference, increases exponentially. It can also be useful alternate the use of the air conditioner with a ceiling fan which consumes much less energy and provides good cooling. Small precautions when using the air conditioner can also make a difference in terms of consumption: only cool the rooms you are in, install the air conditioner in the right position, perform periodic maintenance and clean the air filters. In addition, using a timer it will be possible to program the ignition times and avoid wasting energy. In addition, when choosing the air conditioner, it is advisable to rely on devices with high energy efficiency and equipped with inverter technology in order to maximize efficiency. By improving the thermal insulation of the house, it will be possible to prevent cold air from escaping to the outside.
  6. Pay attention to energy consumption for hot water. Heating water involves considerable energy expenditure. The most effective solution is the possibility of replace the electric water heater with a gas one or, if possible, using a solar thermal system. To set the water temperature correctly, it is important to set the thermostat at 45°C during the summer and no more than 60° during the winter. Take a shower instead of the bathroom uses less water and even less energy (used to heat excess water). A 5-minute shower can halve the water and energy consumption needed to heat it. Avoid running hot water unnecessarilymoreover, the energy consumption can be further optimized. For large families, the energy consumption related to hot water increases and adopting good behavior is essential to optimize consumption.

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