How much can you save with a hybrid car?

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How much can you save with a hybrid car?


No need to go around it: who is considering the possibility of buying an electric car, or ahybrid car, think above all of the savings that can be made. The environmental aspect is certainly important, but for many, it is a priority to find ways to contain the costs of managing a car, which are becoming more unsustainable every day.

But it’s good to go into detail in order to fully assess a similar choice. In fact, the purchase price must also be included in the account, which is on average much higher than a vehicle of the same level with an internal combustion engine. And there’s some serious thinking to be done about performance, too. For the moment, however, we are mainly focusing on consumption. Let’s see how much you can save with a hybrid car.

Fuel consumption of a hybrid car

The optional use of conventional fuel and electricity makes these engines a multi-faceted option. We can no longer limit ourselves to the calculation of consumption per kilometer multiplied by the number of kilometers to be traveled, as was done with conventional gasoline or diesel engines.

The hybrid versions, on the other hand, make it possible to switch from one engine to another during the race, by evaluating the current conditions. Clearly, as we know, fossil fuel is used initially, while for medium and long-term travel, it is electric that is used. But even within the hybrid segment, not everything is the same.

The commercial success of these powertrains led to the proliferation of a remarkable variety of versions: plug-in hybrids, mild hybrids, full hybrids, to name only the main ones. When it comes to saving with hybrid cars, not only the costs of a full tank of fuel or electricity have to be considered, but also the management feesincluding those relating to car tax and maintenance which have a huge impact on the final bill.

How much can you save with a hybrid car?

By calculating the savings of a hybrid car, however, certain variables must be taken into account. The greater weight of an electric motor and battery, for example, inevitably affects performance and increases the price. The savings are therefore also the result of individual driving characteristics.

The main item of savings is obviously represented by the much lower cost of electric recharges than bloody ones filled with gasoline or diesel. To give an approximate idea, by calculating a price between 20 and 30 euro cents per kilowatt and by estimating a capacity of 40 kilowatts for an average battery, the all-electric does not exceed 10 euros.

With the same amount of gasoline or diesel, you can just walk around. But the overall calculation also includes repair maintenance costs, which are on average higher for electric and hybrid, and taxes, which are lower thanks to tax exemptions and incentives. In addition, many insurance companies offer cheaper rates for owners of electric or hybrid vehicles.

Last modification: February 18, 2022

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