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here’s how to save on truck insurance


In accordance with the first paragraph of Article 193 of the Traffic Laws any motor vehicle must be insured if it wants to travel on the road. Therefore, the truck driver is also required to purchase a policy from the company that best suits his needs.

First of all, it should be noted that from article 54, first paragraph letter d, of the aforementioned code, the definition of truck is deduced, that is to say vehicles intended for the transport of things and persons involved in the use or transport of the things themselves“.

Furthermore, Law no. 156 of November 9, 2021 provides that they may also be present inside the vehicle newly hired workers who, having the professional qualifications required to carry out the work activity, are subject to a training period not exceeding three months.

Finally, when taking out truck insurance, the customer is advised to specify whether it is a policy taken out with a natural or legal person. Indeed, if this vehicle was intended for private use, it could benefit from all the facilities provided by the Bersani Law for the TPL Automobile, thus giving the owner the opportunity to save. While companies can take advantage of discounts offered by the same companies based on the number of company vehicles insured.

What factors should be considered to save on truck insurance?
In addition to what has been said so far, there are other factors that must be considered for the insured of a truck to be successful. to save money.

In this regard, he must consider whether or not to insert a relative or absolute deductible the amount of which is fixed by the parties. Respectively, with the first, the owner of the vehicle is obliged to pay for the damage in full if it is lower than the aforementioned amount and to be fully compensated if it is higher, whereas with the latter the difference between the agreed deductible and the damage suffered is lower than the latter.

In the event of a franchise entry, the driver would have a lower insurance premium and, moreover, in the event of an accident, the bonus-malus system which affects the merit class. By the way, the owner of the truck who transports dangerous goods he is obliged not only to declare it but for his savings he must use only one means for this purpose, because this determines an increase in the insurance premium.

Of course, like TPL, these policies also include” consideration of additional guarantees ranging from roadside assistance to fire theft. Technical intervention is essential because it allows the driver to receive free assistance in the event of a malfunction in the vehicle.

Finally, it is practical for those who intend to buy a truck to declare at the time of registration theintended use in order to obtain a reduction in the insurance premium during the year, as is the case for special trucks. Moreover, the price of the insurance varying according to the load, that is to say the load that it is authorized to transport, the person concerned must choose the vehicle according to its use, in order to avoid excessive spending.

The main features of truck insurance
Insurance companies allow truck owners to have term insurance when its use is limited to a given period of time.

In addition, historical insurance is also provided if more than twenty years have passed since the date of registration, considering the vehicle as a vehicle. of historical interest. While it is defined historical if more than 30 years have passed.

Finally, we talk about vintage truck when he is over 35. All this means that the insured can make use of certain concessions, including the possibility of driving the vehicle all year round even on days when traffic is blocked or having the green card, better known as the certificate of international insurance, also valid abroad.


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