Galleria S. Lucia, saving 1.5 million hours for users

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Galleria S. Lucia, saving 1.5 million hours for users


The largest three-lane structure in Europe and among the three most impressive in the world. Saint Lucia Gallery he is not alone pride in engineering and infrastructureand but it will also make life easier for those who find themselves passing through this section of the A1. It is calculated time saving which hovers above one and a half million hours a year.

Here we have the gallery, the Santa Lucia, which is the largest three-lane work ever built in Europe, and to do this the largest cutter ever used on the continent was used: it is one of the three largest works in the three way world. This gives the measure of the complexity of the workexplained the CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia Roberto Tomasi.

A job of excellence for Italy

A work of this type represents the connectivity of the country, it is a multiplier of wealth and development. But above all it is a work of engineering excellence – recalled the CEO of Autostrade per l’Italia – We have over 6 billion executive projects ready to be built and this year we will present another 2.6 billion for a total of 8.6 billion. To do this, we need technical, engineering and industrial skills. Funding is not enough, technical skills are needed to carry out such complex works“.

Significant time savings

This work represents savings for the community of 1.5 million hours per year, reducing 30% travel time: reduce queuing and stop and go phenomena it will also generate a reduction in CO2 emissions which can be quantified by -2,000 tons per year. An average of 500 women and men worked every day for its realization, for a total of 6 million hours worked.

Every year, this work saves 1.5 million user hours, both goods and people, who spend on infrastructure, so in four years we repay such an important infrastructureAdded CEO.

The new Santa Lucia tunnel in the A1 section between Barberino di Mugello and Florence North – photo Paolo Lo Debole

A hinge between past and present

The making of new three-lane A1 section between Barberino di Mugello and the north of Florence”it can be considered as a reference. A hinge between past and present and a paradigm of comparison for new works to be created. A work of art has been created“, said the president of Autostrade per l’Italia Giuliano Mari during the presentation ceremony of the new section.

It is a work that respects all the most advanced canons. In Tuscany there are works for more than 6 billion, of which 60% have been completed, but there is no completion of the third lanes on the A11, and other complementary and compensatory works that will be made in the years to come. Then there is the next Bologna Passantehe concluded.

waving flag of ukraine

In such an important moment for Autostrade per l’Italia, there was no shortage a sign of hope and solidarity. “I’m excited because coming here I saw the Italian flag next to the Ukrainian one. These works are bridges of union. In the hope that this war will end soonHe again emphasized Tomasialluding to the flag of Ukraine which flies side by side with those of Italy and Europe.

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