energy and savings among the subjects most dealt with by the Associations

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energy and savings among the subjects most dealt with by the Associations


Today is the world consumer rights daycreated to commemorate the day John Fitzgerald Kennedy created the i four fundamental rights consumers: product safety, complete information, free choice and listening.

“In a moment of global crisis, like the one we are going through, with theinflation reached a record level, with the blind and speculative increase in energy costs and fuel, Italians are losing purchasing power, seeing wages and pensions increasingly shrink”. He remembers the Adoc associationwhich draws attention to the current drinking difficultiessuch as shopping, filling a shopping cart, paying bills or refueling.

“Too often – explains Adoc – the market has been the site of manipulation and speculationfrom inequality, the destruction of wealth and social exclusion. A active consumer presence that would help bring it back into balance. For all these reasons, March 15 is an important day.”

An anniversary that – concludes Adoc – highlights the efforts and sacrifices made by the consumer movement over the years to give consumers a voice, protect them, defend them and guide them towards conscious and critical consumption.

Consumer rights, the CTCU presents the 2021 annual report

On the occasion of the world consumer rights daythe Consumer Protection Center for Users presents the results of the activities carried out the previous year. A document that tells of the association’s commitment to consumer protection in the second year of the pandemic.

Beyond 12,300 consultations carried outmore … than 42,000 contacts hada record sum of more than 3.7 million euros reimbursed to consumers: this is the assessment of the work of the CTCU in 2021. In particular savings, Power and the consequences of pandemic these are the three major themes dealt with throughout the year.

safeguard consumer rights

“Even more than in previous years – explains the association – families were looking for savings opportunities On all fronts. From our side, we have therefore provided information, advice and suggestions on the subject, relaunching our, already very popular, online accounting book through a new edition after more than 13 years since the first version”.

The last months of 2021, in particular, were marked by the explosion of the “dear energya hot topic even today. The CTCU has also provided advice and assistance on numerous cases of services and services already paid for but not used following the prolonged confinements due to the pandemic.

In at the top of the ranking cases of advice and requests for information, we find telephonyThe area financialI’Power and the House, which again this year were the most requested subjects. The total amount recovered for consumers reached a record level of more than 3.7 million euros and the major part of this amount was obtained thanks to agreements likely to be negotiated with the counterparties.

Legal protection in Italy and abroad

Finally, with regard to the class actions yes collective legal proceedings the CTCU explains that, if on the one hand they are becoming more and more important, on the other hand they are still subject to a kind of “sword of Damocles” with regard to their economic viability.

In 2021 – reports the association – as part of the first cross-border collective action in Europewas opened on register of class actions in the case against the colossus Volkswagen SA at the Higher Regional Court in Braunschweig. The action is ongoing.

Consumer rights, Adiconsum’s projects

On the occasion of today Adiconsum recalls the association’s commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability, implemented through various initiatives and projects at national and European level. Among these is the project “Sustainable for us too”founded by Ministry of Labor and Social Policies – Notice no. 2/2020.

World Consumer Rights Day (Source: Adiconsum)
World Consumer Rights Day (Source: Adiconsum)

“Sustainability – explains Adiconsum – presupposes a profound change in the way of thinking, living, consuming. To be able to implement it, the support of all is necessary. No one can and should be left behind or left behind. With “Sustainable for us too”, we aim to make people understand, in particular disadvantaged social groupslow-income families, people with little education, people affected by the digital divide, the elderly, what is sustainability and why it is so important to pursue it”.

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Editorial Committee

Editorial Committee

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