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demand for online banking products is on the rise


Online accounts

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Italians are increasingly turning to digital banking, preferring online solutions to branch banking products. According to data from the Hybrid Lifestyle Observatory of Nomisma and CRIF, in 2021, 45% of people have switched to online banking compared to 2019, reducing or completely stopping the relationship with the bank branch.

Moreover, it appears from the Nomisma Data Hub surveys that the age group that prefers to interact online with their bank is between 35 and 49 years old, followed by those under 34 and those aged between 50 and 64. . In all, 6 out of 10 Italians use digital channels to interact with your bank, both through home banking solutions and through mobile banking applications.

Among the most popular products there is undoubtedly i zero fee current accounts, with which it is possible to enjoy free for those who choose to operate exclusively online. This option is very popular to save on current account expenses, without giving up a series of features that allow you to manage daily life in a simple and fast way.

The advantages of a free online current account

The first benefit of a no-fee account is the ability to take advantage of many opportunitiesIndeed, many banks today offer different solutions included in the contract.

With Agricultural creditfor example, you can open a current account online free of charge while enjoying various banking products and services at no additional cost, such as MasterCard debit card or the Mobile POS for craftsmen, traders and professionals.

Free also includes a series of operations, such as the domiciliation of domestic users, Bank transfers SEPA free online and cash withdrawals from your bank’s ATMs.

By carefully evaluating its operations, with free online current account it’s possible achieve considerable savingsjust check the fees applied to other transactions not included in the fee to avoid unexpected increases in account fees at the end of the year.

An important advantage is also that represented by convenience of online current account managementto carry out any type of operation remotely without having to go to the nearest branch.

Saving time also means obtaining an additional economic advantage, just think of the cost of travel to get to the bank counter, or the time taken from other activities to carry out feasible operations. in a moment from your pc or smartphone.

How to save on your checking account online

Choosing a free online checking account saves you money, but it alone is not enough to limit your spending throughout the year. It is equally important follow some useful tipssimple tricks to always have full control over account costs.

First, it is preferable do not leave savings in the current accountbecause it is not a savings tool but a banking product to manage the needs of daily life.

On the contrary, it is more advantageous to leave in the account only the sums necessary for current needs, whereas additional resources can be invested online with your bank. Some lenders not only offer a dedicated range of investment products, but also a financial adviser available to help you choose the most suitable solutions for investing your savings.

Of course, you have to always bank online, since the passage at the counter could lead to unnecessary additional costs. To reduce the cost of payment commissions, you should use the direct debit of invoicesa service which, in most cases, is offered free of charge by banks.

A trick not to be overlooked is the the proper management of the operations included in the free. For example, if you are running out of free online transfers, you should check if other options are available. In this way, it is not necessary to resort to a paid transfer, but you can choose another equally functional method without additional costs.

Withdrawals must also be made within the ticket vending machines from your bank, to avoid paying the commissions applied on transactions in the ATMs of other credit institutions.


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