Dear invoices, the app allows SMEs to save up to 7,500 euros per year –

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Dear invoices, the app allows SMEs to save up to 7,500 euros per year –


By switching from the protected market to the free market web offers, you can save up to 30% on your bills. Redi Vyshka founded in 2019, with Marco Tricarico and Francesco Laffi, the Milanese fintech Switcho, which allows, by scanning bills and extracting all the latest expenses (eg electricity, gas, internet and telephony) to find the cheapest. Switcho offers, as its name suggests, “switch” options for electricity, gas, internet and telephone from the personalized analysis of the starting situation, and also takes care of bureaucracy necessary to complete the procedure.


Funded to the tune of 3 million euros (2 million by ALIcrowd, the venture capital fund of Azimut Investments SA), Switcho has already offered its users savings options for more than 2 million euros, and aims to become a 360 degree personal finance tool. at the top a report that focuses on the extent to which higher energy prices may affect Italian business activities and micro-enterprises. What emerges an alarming picture. We analyze thousands of invoices every month to find the best saving option for our users. The increases of the last two quarters were felt on households, but the figure for business customers is even more impressive – explains Vyshka – bills almost never jumped by less than + 50% in terms of absolute values, which in some cases reach +100%. We are talking about increases that can fluctuate between 500 and 1500 euros per month, depending on the category and size of the company. Important figures if we consider that, by changing supplier, a restaurant can save 7,400 euros per year, a bar 5,400 euros, a pizzeria 4,900, a typography 4,800, hotels and shops 3,800 euros, a garage 3,400 euros.


Also in this case, the search for the optimization of the starting situation is entrusted to an algorithm: Deciding to change provider online is often more complex for business customers due to too many bureaucracies – explains Marco Tricarico, CEO of Switcho – However, at this time online can offer opportunities for savings that even exceed 7,500 euros per year. In the first two weeks after the launch of the business version, we have already proposed savings of 1.4 million euros. The process is the same as for the individual: all you have to do is upload an invoice to allow us to analyze the initial situation and find the best offer. Then we take care of changing suppliers and following all practices.

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