Dear bills, the Bologna bar: “I close at 4 p.m. to save money”

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Dear bills, the Bologna bar: “I close at 4 p.m. to save money”


Ercole Mangiavillano
Ercole Mangiavillano

“It’s not that I don’t want to work, but if I have to stay open just to consume energy, it’s not worth it“. First the Covid with relative closures and restrictions, now the expensive bills, to form what Ascom a few days ago defined “the perfect storm” for many small businesses and commercial establishments. in the case of Ercole Mangiavillano, owner of Ghost Bar, under the arcades of Via Mazzini in Bologna, who can’t take it anymore. The dark period of trade seems to know no end and so, for some time now, Hercules decided to close early, sometimes even before 4 p.m., the company that for 21 years has been managing a few tens of meters from Porta Maggiore. A drastic and painful choice to make reduce consumption, especially unnecessary consumption. “Whether there is one customer or there are ten, the energy consumption is always the same – he confirms -. In the morning it turns a little more crowded, but after two and a half hours in these areas there is almost a scary curfew. So it’s really hard: every day I open to help the citizens, but these days it’s better to stay closed.


To cope with the rising costs of the bill, Ercole, 62, from Caltanissetta, had already started adopting other solutions, but that was not enough. “I almost always turn off the heating and only turn it on at lunchtime, when maybe people stop a little longer at the bar – he says -. Then recently I also changed the coffee machine: Before, I had one of 6.5 kilowatts, while the one I have now consumes only 4. You have to be careful with everything – continues the bartender -. In the morning, the oven must be on for at least 45 minutes to heat the buns: this is not a recent consumption, we hope that this absurd situation will end soon”.

Business for sale

The Ghost Bar is probably not the only one in town that, having to deal with expensive bills, has had to deal with the new tile on the heads of like-minded citizens and merchants. Drastic in many ways. “Surely there will be someone else who will do the same,” assures the bartender in via Mazzini, visibly discouraged. “Fortunately I should retire at the end of the year: I have already put the company up for sale and if before I could have other requests or preferences regarding buyers, now anyone and any amount would suit me – he concludes -. Little, cursed and immediately: it has now become my way of thinking. But I’m so sorry for the young: I hope that soon everything will return to normal especially for them, now I have already given up”.

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