consumers don’t know whether to laugh or cry

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consumers don’t know whether to laugh or cry


Auto TPL savings are estimated at less than 5% per year. Consumer associations do not know how to react to this negligible reduction.

The auto insurance premium reveals certain details that leave motorists speechless. Not just huge differences between cities, but annual savings through teasing.

Savings RC Auto
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The Insurance Supervisory Institute has come to a clear conclusion, car insurance costs less but the drop should be much larger. The drop recorded in 2021 is confirmed at 5% on an annual basis for an average price of 360 euros. This seems a really negligible percentage compared to the expectation of consumer associations, a sign of a change that should have taken place but is not noticeable. However, in a difficult period like the one we are experiencing between the pandemic first and the war in Ukraine, then it would have been precisely time to see a substantial drop in prices in the midst of many expensive price increases.

Auto TPL savings, the Italian context

Half of Italian motorists pay around 323 euro insurance per year, but price differences between cities and between north and south are significant. The average cost of RC Auto in Naples, for example, is 544 euros while in Aosta it is 259 euros. The savings, however, were made in both cities and in the Neapolitan capital recorded a percentage 9.4%.

Other significant price drops were recorded at Vibo Valentia with -8.9%; in Rome with -8.2 and in Reggio Calabria. In addition, the savings were recorded in reference to the penetration rate to install the black box, a device that monitors the driver’s driving style and vehicle information. Estimated percentages they vary a lot depending on the city; they range from a minimum rate of 4.4% in Bolzano to a maximum rate of 65.5% in Caserta.

Reviews from motorists

RC Auto savings have been defined by Italian motorists insufficient as reported by Massimiliano Dona, president of the Consumers Union. The price trend is fluctuating, the drop is just a red herring that suggests lower figures than 2021 but in reality it equals them by dividing the payment on a quarterly basis. It takes eight years to go back to see a real substantial difference 24%.

According to consumers, after two years of pandemic, restrictions, smartworking it was reasonable to expect a bigger drop in favor of motorists who kept their cars stationary for long periods. In this respect, a premium is studied by the government to please the citizens and remunerate them with the additional profits of the insurance companies.

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