BNP Paribas Personal Finance plans to sell Symag, its branch dedicated to collection and loyalty in points of sale

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BNP Paribas Personal Finance plans to sell Symag, its branch dedicated to collection and loyalty in points of sale


The project and the identity of the assignee worry some employees, unconvinced by the reasons given by the management and by the information that goes back to the assigned assignee, a specialist in omnichannel collection.

A 100% subsidiary of BNP PNF, the former Laser-Symag is a software publisher and service provider that allows clients such as Relais H, Lidl, Promod and Galeries Lafayette to manage collection operations, manage relationships with customers, loyalty and to benefit from technical support (hotline and customer service) on these operations. Founded in 1993, the company generates around 25 million euros and has offices and branches in Rungis, Brest, Sophia Antipolis. The management of the company, through the voice of Jean-Marie Bellafiore (deputy general manager of BNPP PF) and its president, Christian Dupland, justifies with letters addressed to employees the weak growth of the company and the too moderate effects of the proven synergies to create with other group entities to explain its stock sale plan. “Symag has had little or no recruitment of significant new customers in recent years, which does not reverse the trend seen in performance and revenue. Finally, Symag’s business is identified as being remote from BNPP PF’s core business. (internal email from January 2021)

A transferee who does not reassure

The company engaged in discussions with the BNP, offers omnichannel collection solutions, it would employ 300 people, benefit from strong growth and technical innovations, according to Symag management. But strong discrepancies between what was announced and the factual elements that the workers’ representatives were able to verify have decided the CSE to challenge this transfer proposal, scheduled for the first days of March. The latter plans to go to court to get official documents about their probable future owner and which they would not have recovered. Symag’s management tried to reassure on an essential point: a clause, already accepted by the buyer, with which the latter refrains from making any dismissal for economic reasons, both individual and collective, for a period of 18 months .

This is knowing

French law requires employees to be informed by their management and the company of a transfer project two months before the sale is concluded, but their opinion is advisory. It is the lack of information that can be sanctioned. Employees can, however, submit a plan to acquire their company.

Until January 2021, Symag had a call desk and customer service center in Krakow, like many companies that have chosen Eastern Europe to set up pan-European contact centers there. Recently, Canal Plus Poland just sold its in-house customer service center to Armatis. See our article on this topic.

The collection at the point of sale, as well as the operations of acquaintance with the customer or the involvement of the customer that often allows to associate, are considered key moments in the customer journey. Companies that truly innovate on these issues are characterized by strong growth and valuations, as we have seen with the recent disposals – Tiller to SumUp, iZettle’s growth but the quality of customer service and the need to invest heavily in technology are one of the complexity of this market. Samuel Manassé, co-founder of Smile & Pay and now head of Yavin or Franck Méchineau and his partner Sami Zaiter, at the helm of Voxpay, two innovative companies in these payment fields, have recently shared with us their joy of being independent and its demanding counterpart: combining all subjects at the same time: developing its solution, guaranteeing growth in self-financing and convincing new customers. To cash out, do you need to know how to cash out?

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