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benefits you don’t expect


Holders of Bill 104 can benefit from significant concessions through which they can renovate the bathroom and save money.

Renovate the bathroom and saving a few euros is possible. So let’s go into the details and see everything there is to know about it.

bathroom renovation
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Starting with the family, through work, up to training and free time, so many situations that require our commitment, as well as time. However, being able to reconcile everything is particularly difficult for many. If all that wasn’t enough, we often find ourselves having to postpone the gods works due to the temporary shortage of cash.

Precisely in this context, it is therefore not surprising that many are curious whether or not it is possible to access certain concessions. Well, in this regard it will be interesting to know that to restructure the bathroom and saving a few euros is possible. So let’s go into the details and see everything there is to know about it.

Law 104, renovating your bathroom and saving money is possible: everything you need to know

We have already seen how they do not miss doubts about the authorizations of Law 104, with numerous judgments which have provided additional clarifications on. Also dwelling on Law 104, many also wonder whether or not it is possible to benefit from some concessions to be able to renovate the bathroom and save a few euros.

Well, the answer is yes. In fact, there are many Regions who have decided to allocate funds in order to facilitate the holders of law 104 to carry out renovations of the bathroom. In general, these reductions are granted on the basis of the sum spent for the restructuring and are only payable after the determination of the state of invalidity.

In order to be eligible for these bonuses for bathroom renovation, consequently, the holders of law 104 concerned must only consult the site of their region in order to know if there are or not installations in this direction. In the latter case, it is therefore possible to know the terms and deadlines to be respected.

In addition, to take advantage of an installation of this type, it is necessary to present detailed documentation regarding i works you wish to carry out as well as an expected date for the end of the work. But not only, it is necessary to provide all the invoices of the payments made.

The latter must be done strictly by card or debit card, in order to be traceable. Good news for holders of Bill 104 who can thus benefit from the necessary arrangements to redo the bathroom and eliminate, for example, all architectural barriers.

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