An old unused ball of wool would be enough to save us time and the consumption of the dryer

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An old unused ball of wool would be enough to save us time and the consumption of the dryer


It would seem like a utopia, but saving on laundry drying time is possible. In times of rising prices and supply crisis, the question is what are the best ways to save. Even simple home hacks can help you control your intake. In this article, we will illustrate how this method of reducing drying times has taken hold in the United States.

An old unused ball of wool would be enough to save us time and the consumption of the dryer

It would be at least three small balls of wool that should be placed in the dryer drum with the laundry. These felt balls can be found on the market both in haberdashery and on the major online shopping platforms, but we will soon see how to make them ourselves. Let’s see how they work first.

how they work

The moment we put them in the dryer drum, the balls start bouncing between the laundry in the load. This will create gaps between which warm air will pass and the laundry will dry faster. In addition, creases will be further avoided and static adhesion will be eliminated (phenomenon of skirts sticking to legs, for example). Another function of so-called wool dryer balls is to remove fabric softener. The friction produced by the balls of wool against the items of linen will produce a massage for the fibers of the fabric of the latter. This way, your clothes and sheets will be as soft as if you had used a chemical fabric softener. If we lacked the typical scent of fabric softener, we could replace it with drops of essential oil to put on the balls.

How to make them with leftover balls of yarn

We will need a ball of wool, possibly a large one, because the work will be faster. It would also be preferable to adopt a pure wool yarn. We wrap the wool yarn around the four fingers of the hand for 20 turns. We take off and change direction and start packing again 20 times. Little by little we will manage to create from a skein, a round ball with a diameter of about 6/7 centimeters. We then cut the thread and with the hook we thread it under a few turns of wool. Usually, for a heavy load, it will take 5-6 balls.

But now let’s move on to phase 2, the felting. Without this step, the balls could come off easily. We will use old tights or stockings. We cut the bodice and make two nylon “legs”. We put the first ball inside the nylon leg, tie around the sock with a cotton thread for embroidery or crochet. After the small loop, we insert another ball and close with another round of yarn. We continue until the last ball or the end of the pantyhose. The result will be similar to a sausage of pantyhose and balls of yarn. Now we put the balls in the washing machine with the first laundry wash at 90°. At the end of the wash, we release our felt balls from the pantyhose. We will have felted the wool so much that the balls will be compact and indestructible. So our balls are ready for the dryer.

All you need is an old unused ball of wool to dry the clothes faster.


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