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a journey between savings and returns


Discovering the best Postal Interest Coupon 2022; a journey between savings protection and returns offered by Poste Italiane.

An overview of Poste Italiane fruit vouchers gives you the tools to choose the investment that best suits your needs.

Good Interesting
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italian post has a long list of products and services aimed at customer satisfaction. The business ranges from current accounts to prepaid cards with IBAN, worldwide parcel shipments to individual pension plans to the sector dedicated to savings and investment. Postal books, mutual funds, insurance investments e good fruittyphus are among the most well-known and demanded products by citizens. Safety first and returns are the features that most intrigue Poste Italiane customers. Usually the coupons are the savings tools chosen by small investors who want to protect their savings rather than see them return. The lower the risk, in fact, the lower the interest charged. Who wants to speculate and take risks lose capital to obtain high yields should not assess interest-bearing bonds but opt, for example, for online trading.

Best interest bearing coupon from Poste Italiane

To recognize the best good fruiting offered by Poste Italiane, it is first necessary to know all the offers of the company. They have in common a very low risk of capital loss, the possibility of obtaining reimbursement of the principal before maturity and the absence of subscription fees. The differences relate to the duration of the contract and the interest charged.

Let’s start with Good 4×4 for a period of 16 years. Interest accrues every four years and is repayable only at the end of these four years. The expected gross annual yield to maturity is 0.75%. Let’s talk about the coupon that offers a better yield at expiration. For those who want to reduce the wait, it is possible to evaluate the Good 3X4 for a period of 12 years. An average period that allows you to accumulate an attractive return at the end of the contract of 0.50%.

The overview continues

Poste Italiane offers the Good 5X5 duration of 25 years. It provides fixed increasing returns and guarantees repayment flexibility after 5, 10, 15 and 20 years with the recognition of accrued interest up to that time. Interest calculated at maturity is 1.50%. Investors who opt for this coupon are asked to be patient but in the end, attractive gains can be made. On an investment of 1,000 euros, for example, you will benefit from a return of a little more of 390 euros.

The long duration Very ordinary (20 years) with interest accruing at the end of the first year and every two months thereafter. The yield to maturity is 0.30%. An interesting cost-saving solution is the Good 4 years of simple savings which allows you to invest in several instruments with different maturities in order to capitalize on the yield of the reward by making at least 24 periodic subscriptions. The annual yield to maturity is 0.25%. We continue with the Voucher dedicated to minors can be subscribed by parents, grandparents, uncles or friends. The annual return is equal to 2.50%, a perfect gift for loved ones of kids who can walk away with a smile when they turn 18. Finally, the best coupon for people under 54 is Good goal 65 if the intention is to obtain a monthly income between the ages of 65 and 80.

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