What will the Chiarot agreement mean for the defense market?

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What will the Chiarot agreement mean for the defense market?


As for the market definition deals, the Ben Chiarot-Florida deal had an attractive return this week. A physical and complementary defender with an expiring contract, the Panthers gave up a first in 2023 and a prospect for Chiarot, just days after Colorado traded less (second in 2023 and a potential client) to acquire Josh Manson, too. he’s a hired physical defender.

And the bigger names remain available.

What will the Chiarot deal mean for Anaheim as they explore trading on Hampus Lindholm, the best blueliner potentially available among rentals? How about Mark Giordano, who has a modified no-trade list? The Kraken wanted a first rounder from Calgary last summer not get it in the expansion draft, and it was too much for the Flames. How much more or less could it go for now compared to Chiarot?

After all, that’s a month plus playoff rents, so the price is somewhat capped.

And of course, Jakob Chychrun remains a possible commercial asset out of Arizona, a young defender with plenty of terms left in his contract. The request is reportedly the equivalent of three selections in the first round, in both choices and perspectives.

Meanwhile, Claude Giroux played his 1,000th game for Philadelphia on Thursday night and time is running out. And we have not yet reached the goalkeeper market, which remains completely unpredictable.

Here are the latest news around the championship.


Now that the Flyers captain has reached his 1,000th career game, he will be held back from Philadelphia games on Fridays and Sundays before an expected deal.

The favorites to bring him down remain the Florida Panthers, although they no longer have a first-round pick in either the 2022 or 2023 draft.

“The Panthers forgo a first round and Montreal prospect in that deal (Chiarot), what was left for a Philly exchange? (Owen) Tippett’s name was out there. (Grigori) Denisenko’s name was out there. I’m sure Philly asked about the likes of (Aleksi) Heponiemi and (the first round of 2021 Matthew) Samoskevich. I think this trend is towards Florida. I think it will probably be Florida. But other teams are interested: Colorado and St. Louis, ā€¯Friedman noted on The Jeff Marek Show.


It is no secret who are the teams in need of goalkeepers. Edmonton has been present in this space all season and returns to rely on Mikko Koskinen to carry an ample workload again. Toronto is also attached to this market, with Jack Campbell injured after wrestling and Petr Mrazek fighting the puck. Erik Kallgren’s excellent consecutive starts could give the Leafs new hope that they can make it through this period with a healthy Campbell again and spend resources elsewhere upon maturity. Minnesota have been on a spiral for some time and the goalkeepers haven’t helped them. Washington was busy with Marc-Andre Fleury, although he may not want to go to a rival Penguins. And now Vegas, which collapses in the rankings and with Robin Lehner injured, is part of this discussion.

Lehner’s injury status is a topic of interest at the moment given his uncertainty. He hasn’t played in 10 days and while news emerged that he had a broken kneecap that could force him to miss the rest of the regular season (and thus allow his $ 5 million AAV to go to LTIR), local Las Vegas reporters have indicated may not yet be said so.

Regardless of who is in the market for a netminder, the options for who makes a difference are slim. It begins and, perhaps, ends with Fleury. Semyon Varlamov is an external possibility and comes with an extra year of contract. It could be with regards to beginners with a proven track record.

However, with nothing guaranteed about the position and commercial market of goalkeepers in season however undefined, how it will turn out is anyone’s guess.

“When you look at this year’s goalkeeping market, I’d be surprised if Marc-Andre Fleury was mistaken for a first-round pick,” said Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli to Halford and Brough. “I know it’s Chicago’s demand. But I think the market has to get to the point where it’s tempting for someone to say ‘you know what we’re going to take this opportunity.'”

“I wonder if there is some sort of market inefficiency that exists there just because there aren’t many goaltending trades done and if you think about it if your goaltending is not doing well that’s the only trade you should be doing every time if you it seems that player is the factor that makes the difference. “


Let’s start with the most unique option of this group in Jakob Chychrun.

With just 24 years at the end of the month, Chychrun represents a solid long-term investment and someone who could support a top couple for years to come. It’s also affordable, earning just $ 4.5 million versus the limit in the 2024-25 season. In theory he should be able to withdraw most of the trading returns and the market for him should involve many teams as, in this case, even those who will miss the playoffs may want to add it.

Confusing the waters a bit is that Chychrun suffered a lower body injury that was originally reported as a 2-4 week period on the sidelines. According to more recent reports, however, it’s more likely to be close to two weeks, so Chychrun may be back soon after all.

“Chychrun’s situation is unique. Columbus has been around too,” Elliott Friedman told The Jeff Marek Show Thursday. “When a guy gets hurt this time of year, if you’re in the playoffs a lot of times, you were aiming for it and facing him in the summer. But teams like Anaheim and Columbus have been around and you’re sitting there saying ‘damn, if I don’t do it I could lose it. “And that’s part of the added challenge of this whole situation.”

However, a Chychrun exchange is not necessarily as urgent to complete as others.

Another older defender who also has his deal expiring has been speculated as Jeff Petry’s career span is likely no longer in line with Montreal’s plan. Petry, 34, is experiencing a downward season, but has been among the most reliable and productive blueliners for the past four years. If he can get back to that level in an improved situation, he could really make a difference somewhere – and he has a $ 6.25 million AAV for the entire 2024-25 season.

There is some risk here given the age, the number of appearances and the game this season. But the Habs won’t sell it cheap: they have time.

“We will treat Jeff Petry if we can,” Canadian GM Kent Hughes said Thursday. “But we’ll only do it if it’s a deal that makes sense to us and makes sense to Jeff.”

The rest of the big names are rentals.

Hampus Lindholm tops the list of impact blueliners, a number 1 in many situations across the league and definitely a top duo option with a left shot. There have been some questions as to whether the Ducks could still sign the 28-year-old again and keep him as part of their emergency out of reconstruction, but they hesitated to give too much deadline and as the deadline approaches there is less reason to believe it will be the course chosen. .

Lindholm would certainly be the main target if he were to test free agency in July and shouldn’t have much trouble finding a mandate elsewhere. Given what Chiarot has just been trading for, the price to acquire Lindholm by the deadline should be stiff and the list of suitors long. But how much can the price really go up for a player who is likely to try free agency anyway?

The comparison between the two prices of Chiarot and Lindholm will be fascinating.

And what about Giordano?

“I think a number of teams have been in contact with Seattle. They are still asking for a choice in the first round,” Seravalli said. “I think Giordano’s favorite destination is to go home and play for the Toronto Maple Leafs. Now, they’re definitely an interested team. I don’t think they’re interested in the first-round pick price.”

Giordano was hit healthy this week in an asset protection move by the Kraken.

Another name that has been mentioned in the commercial market for a few months has been John Klingberg in Dallas, but as the Stars have recovered and are in a decent position to reach the playoffs (one point with four games in hand), GM Jim Nill he said his goal is to move forward and not sell out.

“Let’s be clear, I’m not calling the teams about him,” Nill told NHL.com about the state of Klingberg. “Again, if someone overwhelms me with a proposal, hey, I’ll do what’s best for the team.

“We talked to some people and you always have to watch things. But our goal is to make the playoffs. This is very important for our franchise. John is an important part and we will move forward.”

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