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what support to relaunch startups and VSE-SMEs?


By Thierry Garot, CEO and co-founder of koopilot.com

848,200 business creations in 2020. A record that certifies that today more than ever entrepreneurship is growing. This is the surprising discovery of the latest studies conducted by INSEE. Despite the uncertain health context linked to the Covid-19 pandemic, 3 out of 10 French people are entrepreneurs or would intend to embark on the adventure. And this trend paints an infamous consequence: the need for support to create and develop these young businesses is growing. The goal of Thierry Garot, business strategy expert? Provide the keys to success for entrepreneurs to grow their business according to their ambitions.

Recovering for better entrepreneurship: my unique career as a “rebounder”

Corporate strategy expert, co-founder of platforms dedicated to entrepreneurs and an influential member of the LinkedIn community, I am committed to sharing my experience to help companies start and grow in a rapidly changing environment. And for good reason. My identity as an entrepreneur was forged by a journey full of pitfalls, challenges and twists.

Coming from an entrepreneurial and artisan background, I have always been guided by the implementation and implementation of new projects. This is one of the main reasons why I decided to found my first startup in 2009, a brokerage firm Financement Des Entreprises, together with two partners. The company meets its audience but, despite this promising success, the difficulties in monetizing the business put an end to this entrepreneurial experience in bankruptcy four years after its creation. The cruel consequence of a startup then early on the market. But against all odds, this painful experience will be a real springboard for my career as an entrepreneur.

Back to work after the inevitable failure of my first startup. Subsequently responsible for partnerships at Unilend, at Meilleurtaux.com then at PrĂȘt Pro between 2014 and 2020, I actively participated in the launch of innovative projects, particularly in the field of corporate financing. Activities particularly rich in experiences that have allowed me to think outside the box and develop a quality network. But the health crisis put an abrupt halt to my professional activity as an employee. Moping or bouncing? The fiber of the “rebounder” and the taste of the challenge that animate me will be precisely of this forced leave.

In 2021, strengthened by my multifaceted experience and convinced of the existence of a real need for support for entrepreneurs, I am once again launching myself into the entrepreneurial adventure. Thus was born Koopilot.com, an innovative platform dedicated to business management, and the launch of my coaching business for entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneur support: key to the success of startups, VSEs and SMEs

In all the activities that made up my professional career, I was able to detect a problem common to all managers: the imperative need for advice that clashes with the desire not to have to pay anything in return. And that’s where it hurts. Furthermore, the statistics speak for themselves: while 90% of startups disappear within two years of their creation, 50% of broadcasts fail due to lack of preventive support. Many promising projects led by ambitious entrepreneurs but victims of a terrible lack of support. And this unfortunate observation seems to apply to all sectors of activity.

Furthermore, it is recognized that start-ups and VSE-SMEs that have benefited from the support during their creation and development ensure greater sustainability and unrivaled profitability. As a result, numerous support and assistance organizations for business creation have emerged in recent years, more or less supported by public authorities. The problem ? Entrepreneurs find themselves drowned in the abundance of available facilities that sometimes engage in tough and uninviting competition. At that point paralysis sets in and the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone to get help becomes an increasingly delicate exercise.

Convinced of being able to offer one of the solutions to this paradox, opposing the need to be supported in a business project and a real aversion to support, I created Koopilot.com, a real multifunctional online platform, which brings together all the tools and essential services for the entrepreneur. And all this at an affordable price for everyone. Enabling established entrepreneurs and those in training to benefit from support is the mission I have set myself. And to further support my commitment to creators and business leaders, I have parallel developed an accessible and pragmatic coaching method, which puts people at the heart of the entrepreneurial strategy.

Finding your way in the jungle of accompaniment: my advice

70% of entrepreneurs would ignore the fundamental success factors of their business. The cause ? Often a veil is drawn, voluntarily or not, on many issues that entrepreneurs do not master but which could nevertheless prove to be real growth levers. A sad reality that hinders the development of many startups and VSE-SMEs. To counter this phenomenon, it is essential, like health checks, to make an initial diagnosis of the company situation. This diagnosis can be complex and the exercise seems dangerous, I advise entrepreneurs to enlist the support and expertise of a coach who specializes in business strategy.

An action plan will then be defined based on the assumptions provided by the business analysis. Project leaders can then appeal to organizations tailored to the needs of the business based on the progress of the business creation process. These organizations aim to inform, guide and orient the entrepreneur towards the right contacts. To benefit from in-depth, individual and personalized support, the coach is a fundamental ally. True added value in every phase of the realization of a project, its mission is to guide the entrepreneur towards success by providing him with his experience and expertise. This is also the mission that I pursue with benevolence and that guides my entrepreneurial activity today.

Finally, an element that is too often overlooked but which makes the difference in the good management of a company, it is essential to arm yourself with the right tools to manage your business. The success of my Koopilot.com platform embodies the serious need that entrepreneurs have to benefit from a simple, accessible and affordable solution to carry out their projects. And the observation is clear, whether this translates into significant time savings or a large increase in productivity, adopting the right tools is a real boost to a company’s business.

A business project can undoubtedly be set up on its own. But my professional career full of twists and turns has proven to me time and time again that the guidance and support offered by the right partners are a real asset to successfully acquire the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. So keep your eyes peeled – there are many support solutions tailored to your needs to push your business to the next level!

Thierry Garot

Thierry GarotCEO and co-founder of koopilot.com

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