UPDATE A cooperative-shaped café-brasserie opens its doors in Marolles (2)

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UPDATE A cooperative-shaped café-brasserie opens its doors in Marolles (2)


A new brasserie was inaugurated on Wednesday in the heart of the Marolles in Brussels. Wad! not only produces beers, but will also offer on-site kneaded and baked bread and snacks. Its managers opted for a cooperative structure to lead the project.

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Wad! occupies a building that once housed another café, the Skieven Architek, on the Place du Jeu de Balle, where a flea market is held every day. The Régie foncière of the City of Brussels rents the premises to young entrepreneurs.

“Through the mobilization of our land, Mazette’s installation is an example of the city’s ability to attract and support innovative business projects. Mazette! Through its brewery, its cooperative model strengthens the mix and commercial identity of the Marolles” , says Fabian Maingain, Councilor for the Economy of Brussels.

The conversion of the premises and the purchase of equipment represent an investment of 500,000 euros.

All production, ranging from sourdough bread to soft drinks (lemonades, iced teas, kombucha, etc.) and of course including beers, will be served exclusively on site.

The capacity of the dispensing tank, 500 liters, has been specifically designed to directly irrigate the fifty potential customers. “We didn’t want to land like a UFO in the neighborhood, but to recreate a village brewery and sell our beers there,” explains Boris Feron, one of the project’s founders. “The crisis was an opportunity to carry out an in-depth reflection on the project to develop a post-Covid restaurant”.

The desire to bring together several trades (bakery and brewery) under one roof is one of the dimensions of this “new type” café. Those responsible intend to add value to each product by giving a second life, for example, to the production of cereals.

The raw materials are local, barley from Cultivaé, an agricultural cooperative based in Walloon Brabant.

Wad! it cultivates transparency since the kitchen, the infusion tank and the bread oven are visible from the tasting area.

The basement of the brewery houses serving tanks that serve freshly brewed beer to the customer and eliminate any in-between containers. The managers intend to bring the design of appetizing products closer to the consumer.

The cooperative brings together the residents of the neighborhood, the citizens who adhere to the project (the zwanzeurs) and the workers of Mazette, who are now 7.

Every citizen can join the cooperative starting from 50 euros. He will thus have one or the other advantage during his visits to the cafe or can take part in a public beer …


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