The OFPPT Council approved the 2022 action plan for a budget of 3.032 billion dirhams

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The OFPPT Council approved the 2022 action plan for a budget of 3.032 billion dirhams


In the presence of the workers’ representatives, the CGEM and the various member ministerial departments, the Minister for Economic Inclusion of Small Enterprises, Employment and Skills, Younes Sekkouri stressed in his opening speech the importance of this council of administration which coincides with the transition of the vocational training sector to the next level through the implementation of structuring reforms, part of which is the responsibility of the OFPPT.

The Minister recalled the need to make revolutionary choices to support the Office in the implementation of its roadmap, taking into account all the constraints and seizing the opportunities.

These choices must allow the office to:

  • Continue to play a leading role in the initial training leading to graduation.
  • Strengthen its offer of qualifying training in harmony with other sector policies and in particular that of national education.
  • Positioning itself as a reference actor in the field of continuous training and equipping its intervention on entrepreneurial issues by mobilizing the resources of its immediate environment.

The Minister underlined the considerable progress in the governance of the OFPPT since the last board of directors which activated the Audit Committee, whose work presents significant areas for improvement.

The Minister welcomed the efforts and proposals of the various governing bodies of the OFPPT, thus marking the transition to an era of collaboration between construction, took the opportunity to thank the actors for their commitment and their contribution.

Younes Sekkouri especially thanked the OFPPT teams for their dedication and continued efforts to carry forward the main roadmap projects and especially the CMCs.

In her presentation, Loubna Tricha, OFPPT Director General, highlighted the 2022-2023 training card, which aims to increase the reception capacity to 408,000 teaching places, compared to 400,000 at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year, or an increase of 2%, in particular through the 10% increase in degree program capacity.

In terms of restructuring the training offer, the efforts of the OFPPT will focus on the creation of 164 courses, the restructuring of 162 courses and the maintenance of another 39 courses. This will concern in particular 15 training sectors and 26 different subsectors of which 07 are new and another 19 to be diversified.

During the year 2022, the Office will continue the work of identifying, in an exhaustive manner, possible openings in order to offer trainees wider development prospects.

As part of the ongoing implementation of the new roadmap for the development of vocational training, the year 2022 will see the upgrading of the infrastructure of 73 establishments and the equipment of a further 24.

As regards the implementation of the Cités des Métiers et des Compétences program, the flagship project of the new roadmap, the Board of Directors had the opportunity to take stock of the projects to be completed and on the projects in progress or even to be launched. We remind you that the CMCs will provide a training offer focused on 154 sectors, of which 62% new and 37% updated. This offer also constitutes 69% of diploma training and 31% of qualifying training.

Furthermore, OFPPT aims to launch, in the course of 2022, the new integrated guidance system designed around an innovative approach to support young people in the various stages of guidance and ensure a better job / profile match of the young person. This will also be accompanied by the strengthening of the means necessary for the deployment of the project, in particular the establishment of 62 guidance spaces in 2022, in addition to the training and development of the skills of the body of guidance counselors.

In terms of entrepreneurship, the year 2022 will be dedicated to developing the entrepreneurship support system using an integrated approach, ranging from awareness and training to post-creation follow-up, including support for project leaders. The action of the OFPPT will therefore focus on the promotion and training of entrepreneurship, in particular with the continuous deployment of the entrepreneurial innovation program.

We recall that the year 2021-2022 saw the beginning of the PIE at the level of 3 pilot regions, namely Souss-Massa, Laayoune-Sakia El Hamra and Oriental, in addition to the city of Benguerir, with the ambition of a progressive generalization to all ‘device set.

Engaged in government programs in favor of young people and employability, the OFPPT will contribute, during the current year, to the implementation of the “AWRACH” program, through the implementation of the Construction Site / School concept and the mobilization of consultants and guidance trainers in the Kingdom’s 12 regions, to support the beneficiaries of this ambitious program.

L. Tricha also shed light on the professionalization project of young workers, in particular those who work in the informal sector and / or looking for employment, through the use of a new qualifying training offer, made up of 139 sectors, covering 13 sectors, or 32% of the total national offer.

At the end of his speech, L. Tricha did not fail to underline the importance given to the development of the human capital of the OFPPT, through a thoughtful human resources policy aimed, among other things, at the pursuit of training programs and development of skills of employees as well as to improve the career management policy within the Office.

It should be noted that the budget required to carry out this action plan is 3.032 billion dirhams.

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