Loire-Atlantique: To combat school phobia, students want to create an app

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Loire-Atlantique: To combat school phobia, students want to create an app


Charlotte Bidaud (coach), Pauline Bruneteau, Jeanne Bramkamp, ​​Mathilde Bumbolo-Guéguen and Stéphane de Goesbriand (sponsor) are working on an app dedicated to school phobia. © Pauline Bruneteau

Pauline Bruneteau, 19, is now thriving at the Nantes Atlantique school of design, where she is particularly trained in designing graphical interfaces for websites and applications. But her school career was not without problems … The young woman from Legé had to overcome a school phobia experienced during her high school years.

Today, as “a test”, Pauline Bruneteau has every intention of using her knowledge to create an app “that informs and supports people with school phobia and their entouragewith the aim of accompanying them on the path of healing “.

Create a social enterprise

With two other students, Jeanne Bramkamp and Mathilde Bumbolo Guéguen, who have also experienced the pangs of this anxious school refusal, they participate in the Les entrep ‘program, supported by the Réseau Entreprendre Pays de la Loire, the Pays de la Loire Region and the TotalEnergies Foundation.

The idea is to introduce entrepreneurship among young people aged 18 to 30, through support in their business creation project.

School phobia is a disease that is rarely talked about but which is very widespread – it affects between 2 and 5% of French students – but also very current since the number of children with school phobia exploded with the pandemic. we are going through. As a result, many parents and children find themselves helpless in the face of this disease.

Pauline Bruneteau, student of Legé

Training for the educational environment

This future mobile application, called PassiFlora (flower used against anxiety), will be divided into three main profiles: children will in particular have access to a discussion group supervised by a person out of school phobia; parents will be directed to professionals who know the subject and will also have a discussion group to exchange advice; principals and teachers will be documented on this issue and will be offered training. “If National Education takes action against harassment, there is not much for school phobia,” estimates the Legéenne.

With the help of the School Phobia Association, the students sent a questionnaire to these different actors to better understand their difficulties and obtained more than 300 responses.

In substance and form, they know their matter well. Their biggest challenge remains validating the economic model of their app, knowing that the development cost is estimated at 70,000 euros. “We are often told that this is an issue faced by associations and that it is therefore more difficult to find a financial balance. But we want to get there. Our project could benefit from some state aid. “

Video: currently on Actu

If most of the Passiflora app will be in Freemium, with free and open access, users will be offered a paid Premium part. This could be, for example, sophrology exercises. And Pauline Bruneteau specifies: «Our remuneration will have to be essentially based on the training offer of the teaching staff. “

The student trio is among 47 teams to compete for the first regional prize, qualifying place for the national level. “It is above all the way to make the school phobia talk even more,” says Pauline Bruneteau. We have noticed that there is a real need and have decided to go as far as possible in our approach. “

And already on Instagram!

The young entrepreneurs are already active on their Instagram account passivelora_app, where they post quotes “of encouragement and to give self-confidence”, information, video testimonials … “Hoping that we can already help parents, but especially children. Because don’t answer their questions. “

One more tool for these families to get out of isolation and feel listened to.

Contact: passiveflora.app@gmail.com. Instagram: passiflora_app.

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