inauguration of the house of entrepreneurship at Abbas Laghrour University

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inauguration of the house of entrepreneurship at Abbas Laghrour University


KHENCHELA- A home for entrepreneurship was opened on Sunday at Abbas Laghrour University in Khenchela to offer its services to post-graduate students.

The inauguration of the house of entrepreneurship, which took place in the presence of the wali, Ali Bouzidi, accompanied by the rector of the university, Abdelouahad Chala, was characterized by the launch of a conference, scheduled for this occasion, entitled “The Importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in the academic world “.

The head of the local executive welcomed, in a speech delivered on the occasion, the opening of this house, believing that it is a passage that should contribute to the awareness, training and encouragement of end-of-cycle students and their support to create businesses capable of providing added value to the national economy.

It underlines the importance of the initiative in helping to spread the spirit of entrepreneurship among end-of-cycle students, encouraging them to create and develop small and medium-sized enterprises which are considered a safe tool for generating innovative ideas.

For his part, the rector of the University invited the students to move towards this house to learn the methods of entrepreneurship in order to acquire the necessary knowledge and experience that will allow them to integrate into the world of work and innovation for contribute to the economic development of the country by creating profitable projects for owners and others.

The director of the house of entrepreneurship, Abdelhalim MessaĆ®, insisted on the importance of this university space responsible for raising students’ awareness of the importance of culture and the entrepreneurial spirit and which works to train the student to become a business or start- up leader able to improve job opportunities and the spirit of initiative.

This house has the slogan “Your idea today, your project tomorrow”, stressed the same speaker who indicated that this space works in collaboration with the local branch of the National Agency for the support and development of entrepreneurship (ANADE ).

It also indicated that the training of entrepreneur students is carried out by expert trainers in the sector who will work in collaboration with the board of directors composed of three university professors, an agency facilitator and two university administrators.

For his part, Dr. Bahidj Hachmaoui, professor at the University of Bejaia, spoke about the experience of the house of entrepreneurship of the University of Bejaia, indicating that it is one of the pioneering universities on a national scale adopting the project of opening the university to the external environment , and the provision of various services to students of different specialties to prepare them for integration into the world of work through small and medium-sized enterprises.

The conference was characterized by several interventions led by Dr. Mohamed Doumir, an Algerian inventor who won an award at the 2013 scientific competition in Qatar and by Dr. Salah Denden, a professor at Khenchela University, who spoke about a series of motivating factors for successful entrepreneurship.

The conference was an opportunity to highlight the importance of the contribution of academics in guiding innovative students to the home of entrepreneurship in order to support them and develop their ideas.

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