Entrepreneurship in France, a mania that does not end

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Entrepreneurship in France, a mania that does not end


If anyone has predicted the end of the entrepreneurship craze or even the failure of French companies following the health crisis, it is clear that this is not the case. On the contrary, business creations are reaching record levels and the French have taken advantage of the crisis to refine their project.

Men and young people more favorable to entrepreneurship

The entrepreneurial commitment of the French is much stronger among men: it affects 1 in 3 men for 1 in 4 women. It should be noted, however, that the gaps are narrowing more and more, especially between men and women. Entrepreneurs who therefore remain more masculine, but with a female presence that has increased by 3 points compared to 2018. This phenomenon is amplified more for the inhabitants of the priority districts of city politics or QPV (respectively 14% versus 9%). Another interesting fact: the entrepreneurial population is younger and more educated than the average French population.

Women who should become more numerous

Like it or not, women remain underrepresented in the business chain. This reality is not related to a lack of appetite for business creation, but is more a matter of self-confidence. According to the self-assessment of their personal skills, in fact, women are much less likely than men to believe they possess the qualities required to run a business and have experience in business management or in the business world (38% vs 54%) . However, the male / female balance among intentionalists (50-50) suggests favorable structural evolution in the years to come and therefore the landscape is likely to change significantly.

Millennials, a new breath of fresh air

French people under 30 feel much more concerned about entrepreneurship than their seniors: 1 in 2 young people (51%) contribute to this entrepreneurial chain (compared with 1 in 4 French people aged 30 or over). This enthusiasm is reflected in the doubling of the number of entrepreneurial creations made by young people between 2009 and 2020.

The inhabitants of the districts, always willing to commit themselves

In 2021, 20% of QPV residents are part of the entrepreneurial chain, an index that has grown by 6 points in three years. QPV residents have a greater appetite for entrepreneurship: 35% of them say that working on their own is the most attractive career choice compared to 24% of all French people. However, with 12% of connoisseurs in the QPVs, but only 2 to 3% of project leaders and as many entrepreneurs, their situation within the QPV is confronted with a reality that slows down their ambitions.

Fears that prevent you from doing business

Of course, the fear of finding oneself without resources is very present, but tying one’s professional life to one’s personal aspirations has become a flagrant requirement. Being your own boss or making a dream come true are the main reasons cited by all the players in the business chain.

However, the fear of unstable or insufficient income from business is at the top of their anxieties and the complexity of the procedures is far from insignificant. The level of initial investment, or even the responsibilities, stress and risk of failure are also very present.

The new pillars of the new aspirations

Among the strategic aspirations for one’s company, innovation and the adoption of an environmentally friendly approach are systematically perceived as important development axes both by company managers and project leaders, and by connoisseurs (between 5 and 7 interviewees on 10), well before the digitization or internationalization of the business …

According to Marie Adeline-Peix, Executive Director responsible for Bpifrance Création “Maintaining the entrepreneurial momentum in France, supporting business creation in all sectors, promoting entrepreneurship for everyone and in all territories, but also raising awareness of entrepreneurship among the youngest, still under study, so many challenges that Bpifrance Création decided to harvest three years ago with its partners. “.

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