Der / FJ, 3FPT, Fongip: When entrepreneurship becomes feminine, the game of “drafts” is over

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Der / FJ, 3FPT, Fongip: When entrepreneurship becomes feminine, the game of “drafts” is over


When it comes to entrepreneurship, African women are the world champions. With 27% female entrepreneurs, Africa holds the world record for female entrepreneurship.

This is even more true in Senegal where women are not only enterprising but also and above all they are the ones who make strategic political decisions in this area.

Indeed, the Fund for Financing Vocational and Technical Training (3FPT) and the General Delegation for Fast Entrepreneurship for Women and Young People (DER / FJ), two crucial institutions in terms of entrepreneurship in Senegal, are run by women .

Recently appointed by the President of the Republic, Sophie Diallo is the newest boss of the 3FPT while her compatriot Mame Aby Seye leads the DER / FJ. Holder of a Masters in Computer Science from the Gaston Berger University of Saint-Louis and a Masters in Information Systems and Networks from the University of Tours, Sophie Diallo held various positions of responsibility before being appointed head of 3FPT.

Former Lycée student Malick Sy de Thiès was Antenna Director of Gaston Berger University (UGB) in Dakar, before joining the DER / FJ. Coming from teaching parents and originally from the Thiès region, according to the local press, Sophie Diallo was a consultant for the World Bank, Dakar Office, for the support of the Higher Technical Schools in the definition and implementation of their Strategic Plan and Performance Contracts in a results-based approach within the Vocational Training for Employment and Competitiveness (FPEC) project in Senegal. Project funded by the WB and the French Development Agency (AFD).

As for Dr. Mame Aby Seye, she is described as a very determined executive to bring the voice of professional and technical training to Senegal and truly committed to strengthening human capital.

Driven by the desire to support and transform the territories, it fights to strengthen the status of the country’s leader in training on a Pan-African scale. The 3FPT results speak for themselves. Thanks to the constant support and commitment of its partners, the plant was able to finance the training of nearly 70,000 people across the country in 2021.

Graduated with a DESS in urban planning with option in public urban management from the French Institute of Urban Planning and a doctorate in anthropological sociology from the University of Caen Basse Normandie, Dr. Seye engaged in 2004 at the NGO ENDA Tiers- Monde, where she holds the position of Permanent Secretary for a public interest group, an experience that allows her to immerse herself in the problems of the Senegalese territories, in particular on issues of public order in the fisheries, agro-forestry-pastoralism or health.

Last but not least

To these two ladies there is another boss, always in the same field or almost, in this case Thérèse Faye Diouf. She is originally from Diarrère (Fatick region) and holds a Masters in Sociology from Cheikh Anta Diop University (UCAD), in November 2020 she was appointed general manager of the Priority Investment Guarantee Fund (FONGIP).

The fund was created to improve the financing conditions of economic operators operating in priority sectors in order to sustainably increase their productivity. It intervenes in the granting of guarantees for the financing of project leaders and economic interest groups of women or young people who make investments in agriculture, agro-industry, fishing, aquaculture, tourism, textiles, social and economic construction, new information and communication technologies, teleservices, cultural industries, crafts, renewable energy, infrastructure and transport, for the purpose of business creation, business expansion and equity participation, equipment renewal and strengthening of working capital linked to investment.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and socio-professional groups that win public contracts to strengthen priority sectors also benefit from Fongip’s intervention.

Still not very present in decision-making centers a few years ago, Senegalese women have seen their presence increase to a greater or lesser extent. This trend is even truer in the field of entrepreneurship. The main public institutions that finance, train and support young people are now run by women, although there is still a lot to do in terms of equality.

By Sophie Diallo and Mame Aby Seye

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