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crowdfunding between SMEs and individuals


As a VSE or SME, it is not easy to capitalize on sustainable growth without solid funding. supports these structures in their implementation, thanks to a lending platform that allows people to invest directly in projects that make sense to them.

Towards a visionary entrepreneurship

Our time continues to teach us new lessons, new and innovative ways of acting and undertaking. Traditional models are gradually changing through challenging processes. The times when it was necessary to be a reputable important account to obtain funding seem to be over. Today, imagining, creating and developing a project is feasible for everyone. A reality made possible thanks to new financing methods, including crowdfunding. This alternative to French banks has shown its full potential and power for several years. has been part of this modern ecosystem since 2014. Wishing to combine energies, reassure talents and encourage entrepreneurship, the company has imagined a synergistic concept between those who undertake and those who consume. The idea then comes: to build a platform to materialize relevant concepts, which could find their place in the French economy, before they can irrigate jobs. is a subsidiary of Tikehau Capital, its majority shareholder, an alternative investment and asset management company. The latter offers investment opportunities with a view to creating long-term value around four business lines: private debt, real estate, private equity and liquid strategies. crowdfunding between SMEs and individuals

Crowdfunding as a growth catalyst

Far from relying on its results, models this ambitious idea every day to transform it into ever-fruitful terrain. The company has thus developed a 2.0 loan solution dedicated to growing VSEs and SMEs, in order to support them during this crucial launch phase, but also in the medium term. There are therefore two parties involved: borrowers and lenders. As a borrower, or rather as an entrepreneur, grants a credit request made simply, quickly and directly online. The platform offers the possibility to borrow from 20,000 to 2,500,000 euros. Whether it is the acquisition of professional equipment, the provision of its cash flow or even the financing of a hiring, provides solutions adapted to the specificities of each project.

But where the concept innovates, it is above all its lender. It can invest its savings in the real economy by participating in the growth of SMEs and VSEs. From 50 to 2000 euros, everyone can invest in the project they prefer and collect up to 8.5% interest. To limit any risk, takes care of selecting only French companies that meet strict eligibility criteria. By supporting the economy while reaping the benefits, realizes this ambition in an extremely simplified way. A virtuous circle that the company cultivates on a daily basis thanks to its team of digital and financial analysis experts.

An intuitive and revolutionary financing experience

Entirely digital, the experience offered by is revolutionary for more than one point. The aim is to conclude a loan agreement in less than 48 hours, followed by the delivery of the funds on average within four days, and this, without guarantees or guarantees from the manager. To do this, an advisor is dedicated to each project, and therefore to each structure, to guide them on the plethora of needs it can satisfy, needs that are often poorly financed by traditional banks: liquidity, stocks, hiring, BFR, external growth, etc.

Of all the solutions offered, stands out for its specific product, cash flow financing. Designed for the short term, this solution developed in 2021 was launched to compete with bank cash credit. We remind you that the initial principle is to be able to repay interest monthly, with the possibility of renewing your credit line at the time of repayment. To date, has supported as many as 900 companies, for an amount of 110 million euros loaned to French companies.

Always pushing the boundaries of financing, is not afraid to break the codes of traditional models to make more use of entrepreneurial projects with potential. French leader in loans between private individuals, VSEs and SMEs, the structure has, since its creation, established privileged partnerships with the main players in the sectors of “Business Information”, means of payment and business credit intermediation, and consumer credit.


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