Christine Kolani, a young Christian engaged in social entrepreneurship

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Christine Kolani, a young Christian engaged in social entrepreneurship


Christine Kolani, business manager, Togo / Charles Ayetan


Faced with unemployment, more and more young people are opting for self-employment. This is the case of the Togolese Christine Kolani, who embraces entrepreneurship, combining her Christian faith and her social commitment.

Business leader, Christine Kolani, 32, participated in the international forum of the Catholic action movement Fondacio organized on 26 and 27 February in Kpomé-Dzoglakopé, near Lomé, on the topic “ Social entrepreneurship and professional integration of young people “This young Christian founded and runs the company Germ-Africa Sarl for nearly three years. His company specializes in the production, processing and marketing of fruit and vegetables.

His dream, to support vulnerable people

After graduating from high school in 2006, Christine Kolani began her university studies in law and earned a degree in commercial law, followed by a master’s degree in fundamental law. ” My initial professional dream was to become a magistrate through the judicial examshe says. Unfortunately, despite my file being accepted, the judicial competition has been updated “.

A few years later, amidst expectations and the search for satisfactory professional opportunities, he opted for agri-food entrepreneurship and undertook modular training and integrative training in agriculture at the Training Institute of Fondacio Afrique, Lomé, in 2018. -2019. It was then that in August 2019 she created her own company, not only for her personal and professional development, but also to fulfill her greatest dream: to accompany and support vulnerable people, especially orphans or street children.

Communicating the Gospel

In 2010 Christine Kolani joined the Community of Sant’Egidio, a Catholic association with a humanitarian vocation, of which she became the national manager in charge of the service to children living in street situations. ” We meet the children, most of the time in public municipal waste landfills, and we discuss with them to provide them with support. “, explains. ” With other community members, says CristinaI take care of the children we welcome in the Dream House, in Lomé, then I take care of their education and their social and professional reintegration “.

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Daniel Yehouessi, national manager of the community of Sant’Egidio in Togo, appreciates the commitment of this young Christian. “ Christine leads community prayers and is actively involved in communicating the gospel, serving street children and caring for the elderly “, He confides.

She is a woman of great faith and generosity. “Adds Fabienne Koudjowou, a friend of Christine Kolani who notices him” Christine works a lot, especially for the assistance of others, but she would gain a lot from being entertained more often. “. For Jean Christophe Lalle, husband of Christine,” she is a courageous, persevering and perfectionist woman “. However, he notes, his perfectionist character can sometimes become an obstacle or lead to feelings of frustration in his commitment and in his life “.

Charles Ayetan (in Lomé)

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