Cheikh Oumar Hann and UBA officially launch the TEF 2022 entrepreneurship program.

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Cheikh Oumar Hann and UBA officially launch the TEF 2022 entrepreneurship program.


The Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation received on Friday, March 11, 2022, the Chief Executive Officer of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) and his delegation in Diamnianio.

This is to proceed with the launch of a project financing program carried out by the UBA bank through its “The Tony Elumeu Foundation”. “They came up with a support project for young project leaders. This consists of identifying project leaders, competing them, selecting the best projects and giving them a $ 5,000 donation, “said MESRI Cheikh Oumar Anne.

This competition, which aims to select the best students with national projects, is therefore a tool to offset the huge cost of youth employment. To make the projects of Senegalese students compete with those of students from other African countries, the UBA bank has chosen Senegal. “The Ministry of Higher Education under the Xeyu Daw Ni program to support young graduates, preferably students of higher professional education institutions (ISEP). In these institutes we train young people in 2 years to give them sufficient qualifications to carry out a job correctly and adequately “, believes the Minister of Higher Education since, he continues,” experience has shown that as soon as they leave, they can go to work in a business or start your own business and hire. ”

The choice of higher education institutions for vocational training is instead endorsed by the founder of this omnium. “We are used to doing it in 54 countries. And this year in particular we have decided to collaborate with the Ministry of Higher Education to try to promote students as much as possible because we have already seen the work of the Ministry with the establishment of the ISEPs who are young people ready to be operational. the bank’s general manager, Bode Aregbesola.

However, despite 32 Senegalese students having been approved for this funding the previous year, Minister Cheikh Oumar Anne with his current collaborator intends to significantly increase this number and has shown himself ready to mobilize resources to support a project that falls in a timely manner. “We are faced with a problem of employability of our graduates, if we have this support the ministry will do everything possible, it will mobilize all the means at our disposal. That is to say, mobilize all the lessons, make our infrastructures, our laboratories, our laboratories available so that those who are chosen can work in good conditions and start their activities in the context of small and medium-sized enterprises as soon as possible, ”Promised Cheikh Oumar Anne.

Please note that registration for this competition will be done on the official website of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI).


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