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Amqui develops rue des Entrepreneures


The Municipality of Amqui, in the Matapédia Valley, confirms that next summer the new Rue des Entrepreneures will be officially open to companies wishing to build a building there.

Municipal authorities realize that the time is right when entrepreneurship is in full swing. Located near the Repos Saint-Paul cemetery in the row of the same name, the new area will allow 10 companies to acquire land for the construction of warehouses or small manufacturing activities.

To meet the needs

“The demand for industrial land is growing and it has become essential to offer it to businesses so that the Municipality of Amqui can welcome them and meet their needs. This new, greener and more sustainable industrial zone will be a further advantage to make our city more attractive to entrepreneurs who wish to invest and develop in Amqui, “said Guillaume Viel, director of the Department for Sustainable Economic Development of the city of Amqui. .

Sustainable Development

In order to minimize the visual impact of the new industrial area and with a view to sustainable development, on the outskirts of rang Saint-Paul and the cemetery. The name “Rue des Entrepreneures” was chosen by the toponymic committee and the city council to highlight the presence of female entrepreneurs within the Municipality of Amqui.

“I am very proud of all the entrepreneurs present in our city. I want to emphasize in particular the contribution of women entrepreneurs who give impetus to their business. Dozens of companies in Amqui are led by exceptional, bold and enterprising women. We wanted to highlight their great contribution to our city and rue des Entrepreneures is a way of thanking them, “said Sylvie Blanchette, Mayor of the city of Amqui.

Interested in industrial land?

Entrepreneurs interested in receiving more information on land for sale are invited to contact Guillaume Viel, director of the Department for Sustainable Economic Development, at 418 629-4242, ext. 1225 or by email at, no later than March 31, 2022, to submit a project for the first round of sales.

“We are looking for companies that want to build a building quickly, that is, within 18 months. Future owners will also need to comply with industry-specific regulations. For example, a part of the parking lot will have to be vegetated and runoff water will have to infiltrate the ground “, adds Guillaume Viel.

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