A partnership to launch a training course in music entrepreneurship

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A partnership to launch a training course in music entrepreneurship


(Ecofin Agency) – In early 2022, LAFAAAC launched a training platform for careers in the cultural and creative sector. With a continental vocation, he started his business in Nigeria. Following this initiative, the academy announced a new education in the music industry.

The Franco-Anglophone Academy of Audiovisual Arts and Cinema (LAFAAAC) and the Creative Industries Management School (EMIC), specializing in the music and audiovisual sector, have signed a partnership to start entrepreneurship education in the music industry .

“EMIC has always been committed to training competent and operational professionals, particularly in the music and audiovisual fields. We are therefore pleased today to collaborate with LAFAAAC to export our know-how to Nigeria and more widely to the continent “, said Daniel Findikian, General Manager of EMIC. And to add: “the ambition of the Academy to train professionals from qualified sectors and give them the opportunity to show their talent while contributing to the structuring of the music sector is consistent with the values ​​of EMIC “.

The training will be offered to professionals in Africa starting from Nigeria. Earlier this year, LAFAAAC announced the launch of a training platform in cultural and creative industries in the West African country. In addition, the Academy launched a training course for Nigerian TV series writers in Nigeria last year.

Through this new training, the partners aim to convey the fundamentals of entrepreneurship to future music professionals by insisting on the skills needed to produce a music project and manage commercial exploitation. The training will also cover the fundamentals of music marketing and best practices to ensure solid digital promotion.

Entrepreneurship in music requires the acquisition of very specific professional skills. “This is why it is important to be accompanied by professionals in the sector who know the various tools, foundations and related professions of the sector: music publishing, contracts, web, live, marketing, branding. Despite the vitality of the music industry in Nigeria, this is even more evident there “, highlighted the statement announcing the partnership.

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