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# 8 March | International women’s day


March 8 is a day of reflection, action and awareness dedicated to the fight for women’s rights, equality and justice. The prefecture of Cantal, the sub-prefecture of Saint-Flour and Mauriac have mobilized around female entrepreneurs in rural areas, which has been hit hard especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

In this context, Serge Castel, prefect of Cantal, went to various events to meet and discuss with the women who will live in the area.

Thus, on Monday 7 March, he went to Ydes, together with Amélie De Sousa, sub-prefect of Mauriac, as part of a conference-debate on female entrepreneurship in the context of the health crisis, organized by Clotilde Juillard, president of Elles’ Association Create.

Then, on Tuesday morning, March 8, a conference on professional equality was held in the prefecture for state service agents in Cantal. Launched by the prefect and then led by François Laborde, former senator and member of the High Commissioner for equality between women and men, this conference has helped to spread a better understanding of the challenges of professional equality in the civil service.

The afternoon of 8 March was then dedicated to a brainstorming session, organized by FranceActive, on female entrepreneurship in rural areas, which took place in Les Granges in Vic-sur-Cère. The prefect concluded this exchange, then participating in a round table organized at the sub-prefecture of Saint-Flour by Monique Cabour, sub-prefect, around the questions “Why and how to become an entrepreneur” and “How we practice women”.

As part of this day of 8 March, the prefect also intervened in the introduction of the training “Conducting a project by integrating equality”, training intended for project leaders within the policy of the city of Aurillac, in order to integrate equality in the budgets of these projects.

Through these trips, the Prefect wanted to thank all the local actors mobilized to make progress in this area, with the support of the State, recalling that equality between women and men is an essential priority, which requires proactive public action. Numerous legislative texts have thus enabled real progress, in the fields, for example, of parental leave, strengthening the protection of the media and website publishers, tackling the pay gap and access to management and promotions. Furthermore, it should also be remembered that equality between women and men is a Great Cause of the five-year period and, as such, the Government launched the Grenelle of domestic violence in 2019, which has enabled much progress in terms of the care and protection of victims, as well as freedom of word.

Download the press kit:
2022 03 08 dp 8 March (pdf format – 759.2 kb – 09/03/2022)

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